Not only is Prescott Design the source for affordable graphic design from our small business to yours, but we also provide a wide range of text services. We’ll write copy for your advertising campaign. We’ll take what you may already have and turn it into something better. We proofread using our brains rather than a spell-checker, and while we’re at it, we can do extensive copyediting...and even do research and compile indexes if you need them. Do you have documents that have never made it to digital files? We’ll convert the copy from nearly any source into a format you can actually use.

If you are a business located anywhere in the world with a website that provides English-language pages, you will want to talk to Prescott Design. Fully 98% of the sites we have randomly visited require better English. You have spent a lot of effort—and sometimes money—translating from your native language into ours. We simply copy the text from your site, rewrite it, and supply you with perfect English by email. This is surprisingly affordable—like everything else we do—and delivery can be less than 24 hours. You don’t have to live in another country to appreciate our grasp of English. Keeping people on your site is more than pretty graphics, so before you publish a site on the Internet, consider us for fine-tuning the message.